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favouritetable are now working with Kafoodle™ a menu management and allergen compliance software solution for the hospitality industry. Kafoodle™ is a company
dedicated to helping businesses with the new allergen legislation and helping them target all discerning diners with dietary requirements. Kafoodle's state-of-the-art
solution allows kitchens to directly connect to their customers, this process if made even easier by collaborating with favouritetable.

How can Kafoodle™ Kitchen help your business?

Kafoodle™ Kitchen is a complete menu management system which is user-friendly and cloud based. Kafoodle allows you to easily upload, ingredients, recipes and costs to allow you to automatically generate allergen, nutrition and GP calculations for your business. This not only saves you time and money but also keeps you 100% compliant.


What makes us different?

Our solution provides diners with live menu information on all businesses including allergen information. This allows businesses to tap into the eating out market with
dietary requirements which is estimated at 45% of the UK population.

If you would like to find out more about Kafoodle™ Kitchen and your business

please call 020 7395 6880 or email info@kafoodle.com.

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