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Masala Zone (Bayswater)

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location.png Address
75 Bishops Bridge Road, Bayswater, London W2 6BG
020 7221 0055
cuisine.png Cuisines
clock.png Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 12:30 – 15:00 & 17:30 – 23:00
Saturday: 12:30 – 23:00
Sunday: 12:30 – 22:30
price_tag.png £20 - £30
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Masala Zone is part of a unique collection of London's finest Indian restaurants – including the legendary Chutney Mary, Veeraswamy & Amaya, offering enjoyable, memorable dining experiences - delicious Indian cuisines, exciting interiors & stylish hospitality. Masala means spice – the very heart and soul of Indian cooking. The best Indian food is found in gourmet homes, on street stalls, or Maharaja's palaces, and not in restaurants in India. These are prepared with an array of freshly ground spices combined in special sequence. Masala Zone are unusual in bringing this to the restaurant table. This is the result of the efforts of Namita Panjabi, co-owner and Director of cuisine – and her sister Camellia, who are leading authorities on Indian food. They have travelled all over India to find it. They have honed the talents of many specialist chefs to give a unique combination of the best real Indian food as eaten in India. No curry house food here! Masala Zone have pioneered in bringing street food to the London restaurant table and offer an unrivalled array of these dishes. One of India's culinary glories is its comforting, seductive street food which offer a myriad of flavours. Almost every street corner is lined with mobile food vendors (restaurants-on-wheels) selling sumptuous snack delicacies. It is a way of life for people of all income groups who relish the irresistible rich tapestry of flavours these snacks have to offer. There are rows of street food hawkers cooking and selling these delectable delicacies before your eyes in any busy street in India. There is something magical about such food cooked in the open. Indian street food is mouthwatering. These dishes fire the appetite; the aromas awaken the senses. Masala Zone's street food is prepared in open dispense kitchens in full view of customers- although not quite the same as being on the streets of India. These can be eaten either as a starter, or as grazing food. Each Masala Zone restaurant is visually unique. Each restaurant combines a different form of exciting Indian folk or tribal art with contemporary design and effective lighting.

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Enjoy a complimentary bottle of wine worth £32 up to 19th November when you order 2 courses for 2 people dining at Masala Zone restaurants.

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Click below to make a reservation at Masala Zone (Bayswater). We will confirm your table instantly.

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