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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is is a dedicated restaurant resource listing to help diners decide what to eat, where to eat or how to get there. From the affordable pub or bistro to the finest Michelin starred restaurant, we strive to provide our visitors with all the information they may need – profiles, menus, maps, reviews, ratings, contacts and much more.

2. Search defaults?

The order in which the restaurants are listed depends on the distance of the restaurant from the location the visitors searched for. For a particular location it is in alphabetical order. However, some sponsors might make it to the top of a search result.

3. Restaurant not listed?

Despite our best efforts, it is next to impossible to get 100% coverage. To add a missing restaurant to our listing, all you need to do is tell us the name of the restaurant along with the location. We will then endeavour to update our database accordingly. If you are a restaurant owner and your business is not listed, please click here to register online and add your restaurant to our listing.

4. Listing error?

Although we work very hard to ensure that our restaurant listing details are as accurate as possible, we may occasionally get it wrong. You can help us correcting any error by contacting us at and we will make sure that the correct details are updated immediately.