It's all about providing the right tools at the right price...
Best of breed technology & real value for money


Bookings Diary

Available from anywhere and simple to use - all you need is an internet connection. There is no software to download and your diary is optimised for most internet browsers.


Guest Management

Improve service with easy to use guest cards - allowing you to provide a superior and more personalised level of service.


Booking Rules

Because we understand that every restaurant operates differently - a strong set of bookings rules can be configured to meet your exacting requirements and fit your business model.


On-line Bookings

Our booking widget is easy to integrate onto your website, your favouritetable restaurant profile page and can be seamlessly integrated into your branded restaurant iPhone app.


Facebook Integration

Harness the power of social media... we can integrate your bookings widget to take bookings from your Facebook page, seamlessly integrated with your bookings diary.


Table Management

We know that every empty seat is a loss of revenue. Our table management module optimises your table usage and turn time, based on your preferences and style of service.


Capacity Management

Our built-in tools allow you to optimize the number of bookings you can accommodate, ensuring a manageable flow of guests whilst preserving optimum levels of service.


Branded Email

All email / SMS communication can be fully bespoke to reflect the way in which you wish to engage with your guests.


Analytic Reports

A comprehensive suite of analytical reports is available as standard, to help you identify trends and manage your bookings and promotional offers in a pro-active manner.



Nowadays, the internet and social media allows everyone to be a critic. Our marketing module allows you to engage with your guests in a pro-active, efficient and timely manner.


Guests Management

With an unlimited number of flags, notes, filters and full bookings history, the marketing modules helps you understand your guests' preferences, to deliver a superior and more personalised service.


Email Campaigns

Our powerful marketing module allows you to segment your guests to deliver targeted campaigns. With unlimited flags and filtering options. Includes open and click rates tracking.


SMS Campaigns

Pro-actively create timely and targeted SMS campaigns on the fly at quiet times and let your guests know what is happening with your business.


Guests' Reviews Management

Pro-actively monitor your web reputation with our Guests' Reviews management tool. Receive alerts when someone posts a review and engage with your guests' feedback in real time. Our reviews widget can also be integrated on your website and Facebook page.


Offers & Promotions

Create offers & promotions & on the fly... and on your terms. A great tool to bolster bookings at quiet time when you need your seats filled. Seamlessly integrated with your bookings widget.


Increase Your Subscribers

Use our easy to integrate Subscription add-on module to bolster your guests opt-in numbers - seamlessly integrated with your core guests database.


Online Publications

Our dedicated portfolio of on-line magazines is focused on increasing your brand awareness and providing additional footfall through promoting your restaurants via, our social media, newsletters and blog.


Social Media

Harness the power of social media with our complimentary marketing package - we love to make some noise about our restaurant partners and always strive to increase awareness about your brand.


Restaurants Listing

Our restaurant listing focuses on providing all the information our visitors need, in order to make an informed decision and book their next table. This includes reviews, bookings, menus, map, offers and a complete profile of your restaurant.

Branded iPhone Apps

Our branded iPhone Apps are fully integrated with your diary. It's like having your business in your guests' pockets!



Each app is carefully crafted to reflect your brand and corporate identity. It is all about your restaurant and how you want to engage with your guests.


Feature Packed

The app allows your guests to view a full profile of your restaurant, book a table, cancel or modify an existing reservation, contact you, post reviews, access map for direction, browse your menus and view your latest news & offers.


True Engagement

Engage with your guests with push notifications... create on the fly offers, promote new dishes and easily share your news.

About Us

At favouritetable, we believe in making technology simple, resilient and highly scalable, whilst providing real added value and exemplary customer service to our restaurant partners. provides a dedicated restaurant listing to help people decide what to eat, where to eat and how to get there. From the affordable pub or bistro to the finest Michelin starred restaurant in your area, we strive to provide our visitors with all the information they may require to make an informed restaurant selection – with profiles, menus, maps, reviews, ratings and contacts details and of course, the ability to make a free reservation from our restaurant listing, your website, your Facebook page and our range of restaurant specific apps.

Why chose favouritetable as your online bookings partner?

Attracting new diners and adapting to the constant changes in how you connect with existing and potential new guests via your website, third party websites, mobile apps and social media can be expensive, very time consuming and at times, overwhelming. At favouritetable, we focus on providing restaurant operators with the right tools and infrastructure to achieve just that. And whilst we will never compromise on best of breed software solutions, product quality and second to none customer service, one of our key focus remains on providing real value for money, whether you are a large restaurant group or a single site operator.

Real added value

The favouritetable team works extremely hard on your behalf, in order to create as much awareness as possible about your brand and increase footfall. In addition to facilitating on-line bookings, we also strive to bring new business through your door, on a daily basis. We set you up with a complementary profile on our restaurant listing, which includes a dedicated profile, menus, current promotions, maps, photographs and the ability to make free online reservations… averages over 240,000 visitors per month with more than 1.3 million pages viewed (source: Googles Analytics). Our focus is to continually strive to find ways of adding value to both diners and restaurant operators.

Restaurant Partners

We are proud to be working with some of the best operators in the industry…


One month FREE trial
Diary LITE
£69 per month

The perfect solution that ticks all the boxes - great functionalty & amazing value for money

This package includes:

  • FREE profile on
  • Unlimited web bookings
  • Electronic diary
  • Up to 3 users
  • Plus a one-off charge of £59 + VAT for setup & online training
One month FREE trial
Diary PRO
£129 per month

All the benefits of DIARY LITE plus table management module & capacity optimizor

This package includes:

  • FREE profile on
  • Unlimited web bookings
  • Table Management
  • Capacity Optimizor
  • Electronic diary
  • Up to 5 users
  • Plus a one-off charge of £59 + VAT for setup & online training
One month FREE trial
£199 per month

Includes all features of DIARY PRO + guests management, data filtering & export + online reviews dashboard

This package includes:

  • Bookings on your facebook page
  • Guests management tools
  • Unlimited users
  • Branded iPhone / Android App
  • Plus a one-off charge of £59 + VAT for setup & online training

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. It is your data and your guests. Our system provides you with easy export tools so that you can take a copy of this data whenever you want to.

There is absolutely no problem for us to import your existing data into favouritetable. You can also manually add records directly into the database. In most cases there will be no issue for us to import your existing data into favouritetable. Depending on the complexity and the work involved there may be a small supplementary charge for this service.

Certainly, we will work with you closely to ensure the transition is seamless. And we do not have any objection with our restaurant partners working with multiple online bookings providers. For us, it is all about providing your business with added value.

Yes – this way you can track where your customers are dining across your restaurants, segment your marketing accordingly to your guests' preferred restaurants and it also gives you the ability to be able to cross sell between restaurants should you want to.

favouritetable's architecture supports both independent restaurants and multi-site operators, so bookings can be taken for several restaurants across different sites with no problem.

All web bookings are FREE with favouritetable, from our restaurant listing, your website, blog, Facebook page, iPhone app as well as telephone bookings. We don't take any commission for any bookings.....and why should we, they're your bookings and your guests.

The favouritetable diary is iPad compatible and will run on an iPad or alternate android tablet without any problems.

The favouritetable diary fully supports sending email and text confirmations to guests.. You can specify a number of templates that can be automatically sent based on the type of message i.e. booking confirmation, booking reminder, booking cancellation, change of booking details or thank you email. Notifications can be sent by email or SMS to both your guests and the restaurant. All emails are free. SMS occur a per SMS charge.

The favouritetable table management tool is easy to use and visually appealing, allowing for as much or as little rules to be applied, based on your exacting business requirements.

Over the last few years we have developed the most friendly and easy to use interface which our restaurant partners pick up very quickly. Whether computer literate or not you'll have no issues switching to favouritetable and our support team are on-hand to make this transition as smooth as can be. Each system is tailor made to your very own business requirements, which means that you can have as little or as much functionality as you need. To make it even easier, we take care of configuration, changes, etc. So all you need to do is open your diary, block dates / time and everything else is done as part of our service, so that you can focus entirely on your business and your guests.

Absolutely not. We started our business because we felt that the online bookings market needed a shake up and more transparency. The small monthly fee we agree with you is all you will pay – regardless of the number of bookings you take. In addition, we are delighted to be able to say that none of our restaurant partners have seen any price increase since they joined us.

Yes. Simply send us an email to to let which plan you would like to downgrade to. We pro-rata downgrades for partial months.

Yes. Simply send us an email to to let us know which plan you would like to upgrade to. We pro-rata upgrades for partial months.

Your billing cycle is started from the day you sign up. We bill all our restaurant partners on the last day of each month. This means if you sign up on the 15th of the month then you will be billed pro-rata to the end of the month for that first month.

We cancel your account at the end of your current billing cycle (last day of the month). We do not offer a pro-rata refund. Example to illustrate: You confirm your intent to cancel on the 15th of the month. You will have access to your online diary until the end of your billing cycle which is the last day of that month.

You can contact us by telephone on 020 7190 9585 or by email to for any queries.